DuraTrax Piranha 7-Cell 8.4V 1900mAh NiCd


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This is the DuraTrax Piranha 7-Cell, 1900mAh Assembled Flat Battery Pack. FEATURES: New Piranha 1900mAh NiCds replace the 1800mAh packs, creating one of the best values in rechargeable R/C batteries! Impressively higher in capacity--but priced to be surprisingly affordable. Quality construction featueres are standard, including reinforced tubes, welded tabs and super-flex silicone wire. Standard connector. INCLUDES: One Piranha 7-Cell, 1900mAh Assembled Flat Battery Pack. SPECS: Number of cells: 7 Cell type: 1900 SCX. Total assembled voltage: 8.4 volts. Batteries are assembled in flat configuration. Connector type: Standard with 3" (14 gauge) wire. Charge rate: 3.5-5 amps. Timed or peak charge. Discharge rate: 5-10 amps. Minimum discharge voltage: 1 volts. Discharge average: Unknown. Suggested usage: Sport racing. Batteries are Unmatched. Battery pack size: 6-1/8" (155mm) long, 1-3/4" (45mm) wide.

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