Pro-Line Monster Truck Body Roof Rack/Outback Quad Rack


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Accessorize your roof with Pro-Line’s all-new roof rack system for Monster Truck bodies.The latest Monster Truck trend is realism. Adding realism to any Monster Truck body just got easier with the release of roof rack system by Pro-Line. The roof rack is made from durable nylon material and is a simple to install. Simply center side-to-side on your body, mark and drill the four mounting holes. It’s durable enough to throw any type of accessory directly onto it. And, because Pro-Line produces all of their Monster Truck bodies out of .060 lexan, there’s no need to worry about it’s integrity when integrating the roof rack.When you’re looking to accessorize you monster truck body, then check out the all-new roof rack system by Pro-Line.

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