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Traxxas Top Fuel 20% QuartThis is Traxxas "Top Fuel" model engine fuel. Traxxas fuels are perfectly blended with high quality ingredients to give your engine easier starts, faster runs, and longer life.Fast and Clean Running Superior Lubrication Easy Tuning More Power Great Fuel Economy Cooler RunningTraxxas Top Fuel is NOT Recommended for airplanes or boats. It is Only to be used with R/C Cars and Trucks. Store fuel tightly capped and out of direct sunlight. Fuel is blue in color.INCLUDES: One Quart (946 ml) of 20% Nitro-Methane Top Fuel, and its Concentration of Lubricants are a Castor/Synthetic Oil Mixture. (No percentage of lubrication is specified)Warning: Contains Methyl Alcohol and Nitromethane which CAN NOT BE MADE NON-POISONUOUS. Use ONLY in a well ventilated area. Keep away from Heat or Open Flame. Eye Irritant, May Cause Blindness, and May Be Fatal If Swallowed.KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN!!First Aid: If swallowed, give 2 glasses of water. Call physician, hospital emergency room, or Poison Control Center immediately for instructions to induce vomiting. When medical advice is not available, induce vomiting using Syrup of Ipecac according to directions. If Ipecac is unavailable induce vomiting with finger or back of a spoon. Get prompt medical attention.

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