Traxxas Engine Big Block Installation Kit Revo


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Traxxas big block conversion kit components required to install a big block engine in your Revo model. The following engines are known to work with modification: Nova Rossi 528, Nova Rossi .21 P-5, Picco .21 Maxx, Sirio S23TX, Sirio S27, and Team Orion Wasp .26. The following engines are known to NOT work with this conversion: Thunder Tiger Magnum Pro 21, Associated Pro 21R, O.S. .21 RG and O.S. .21 RZINCLUDES: Forward only conversion kit Universal engine mount Manifold with gasket and spring Flywheel and clutch nut Forward only shaft Miscellaneous hardware required for installation Required PartsA big block engine with pilot shaft style crankshaft

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