Proline Road Rage 40 Series T/E Maxx Tire M2 (2)


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Calling all asphalt shredding, concrete carving, pavement punishers; check this out! Pro-Line has just released an all-new, low profile Road Rage tire for the all-new 40 Series wheels. When racing around the neighborhood or venturing down to your local on-road race event, your typical street tread design does not support the traction and handling characteristics that you are looking for. So what do you do? You purchase Pro-Line's 40 Series Road Rage tires. Incorporating an ultra-low sidewall, the Road Rage tires offer the maximum in predictability, stability, and responsiveness. When you turn, they turn harder, when you brake, they brake quicker. The 40 Series Road Rage tires just plain work. The deep aggressive v-tread design further enhances the performance of the Road Rage by resisting dirt and debris that is usually associated with asphalt surfaces. The Pro-Line 40 Series Road Rage tires…out handling the competition.

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