Dirt Hawg 40 Series Tires T/E-Maxx 2.5 Savage (2)


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The Dirt Hawg tread is no stranger to the off-road market. Its 2.2” predecessor is one of the most sought after tires for 1:10 scale trucks for over the past 10 years. The 40 Series inherits the same characteristics as the 2.2” version while enhancing the tread design for the new millennium. The Dirt Hawg lugs now include a ridge along the outer most portion of each. The additional ridge adds a unique style and look while allowing each lug to flex; therefore, enabling the tread to adhere greater to the surface below. The 40 Series Dirt Hawg is equipped with oversized impact firm foam and backed with Pro-Line quality, style, and performance. Remember, when looking for the latest monster truck trends, check out the new 40 Series Dirt Hawg tire…Simply the Best!

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