HPI 1/8 Savage X SS K4.6 Kit


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The Savage X SS 4.6 features the powerful Nitro Star K4.6 (.28 cubic inch) engine that pumps out 2.9 horsepower for a top speed of 44 mph and enough power to do wheelies on command! The powerful K4.6 engine has an anodized billet aluminum head to keep it cool even during extreme off-road driving, true ABC construction using a long-life chromed sleeve, an 8.5mm composite carburetor for high performance and improved high temperature tuning, and a pullstarter for easy starting. The engine is mated to a high performance polished tuned pipe to help maximize power output. The entire drivetrain is equipped with heavy duty diff shafts and cup joints for strength and durability. High grip Dirt Bonz tires are 40% lighter than the standard Savage tires for quicker acceleration. To beef up the braking, a dual disc brake kit comes standard, featuring two vented stainless steel disc brakes and a machined steel brake hub. The cam-type servo saver delivers quick steering response and added servo protection. It's in kit form, not preassembled, so experienced R/C modelers can have the pleasure and satisfaction of building it themselves. The kit does not include electronics, so owners can customize their Savage exactly how they want it. Step up to the speed, power and durability of a Savage X SS 4.6! So why even bother getting this kit? Well, first of all, the Savage 4.6 SS kit is superior compared to the Savage 25 SS kit - as heavy-duty parts are used as standard equipment to handle the intense power output it commands. Most of the features of the Savage 25 SS kit have been upgraded in the Savage 4.6 SS kit ranging from the engine, carburetor, brakes, pull-start and rc servo saver to the tires. The 4.6 SS kit also comes with an optional 3 speed transmission designed for durability and longer life which can be fitted on any Savage truck. This HPI Savage 3 Speed Transmission can be used to get higher top speeds and is available both in a kit version and as a completely assembled unit. Required Parts Radio 2-channel Radio Batteries -(8) AA Glow Starter- 1.2volt Paint for Body Fuel- 2-cycle glow fuel

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