Hot Bodies Dagger/Deathgrip Savage/T-Maxx (2)


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Dagger/Deathgrip Savage/T-Maxx (2)Pair of Hot Bodies Dagger Wheels and Deathgrip Tires for the HPI Savage and the Traxxas T-Maxx Truck. Huge 6 (152mm) outer diameter tires. Tires are pre-glued onto 5-spoke chrome finish Dagger wheels, 14mm mounting hex size.INCLUDED: Two Hot Bodies Dagger wheels with premounted Deathgrip tiresSPECS: Outer diameter: 6" (152mm) Width: 3" (76mm) NOTES: Hotbodies recommends using the long wheelbase conversion with these wheels. These wheels also fit the Tamiya Terra Crusher. Due to their size, these wheels may not work without some sort of modification on those trucks.

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