HPI Racing Blitz 1/10 Offroad Short Course Truck RTR w/ATTK-10 A


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It's what we have been doing within the R/C industry for years! As the R/C industry takes a considerable amount of styling cues from full-size motorsports, the short-course R/C rage is no different. One look to the off-road sector of motorsports, short-course racing is what is in style or trend right now. But is it just that, a trend or fad? Again, full-size off-road short-course racing is nothing new! From the Mickey Thompson Stadium Series starting in 1983 on the West Coast to the Crandon International Off-Road Raceway celebrating its 40th anniversary in Wisconsin, it is easy state that short-course racing is and has been a WAY OF LIFE!In recent years short-course racing has become more recognized, on the radar, due to more press and media partners from the likes of DIRT SPORTS magazine, most major tire manufacturers, tool companies, a slew of energy drink companies and any other company that truly knows the function of "racing" as merely "fast moving billboards." Okay, maybe they don't see it as such and are just truly enthralled with off-road racing. I'm sure the latter is the typical reason. Proven HPI durability throughout The HPI Blitz uses nothing but the finest grade, high-impact nylon plastic on the most critical areas of the truck - from the bumpers to the super beefy arms and everything in between. HPI's industry known strength and durability makes the Blitz friendly for all - be it an R/C newcomer, or the skilled competitor.Lengthened chassis: The Blitz features an all-new main chassis based on the E-Firestorm - lengthened to deliver the most stable feel a short-course truck can offer.High Performance Shocks: The threaded shock bodies feature super smooth shock action, as well as quick, on the fly adjustability.Maximum Rear Traction: Factory installed quick change 3-degree rear toe block provides you with plenty or traction and makes changes easy ad quick.All Metal Gear Transmission: Bulletproof! Simply put. The transmission is brushless ready and comes stock out of the box! Its made to handle all the power you can throw at it! Also comes pre-filled with silicone oil, which is also tunable by swapping out oil weights. This makes for the most adjustable diff ever offered in a SC Truck!Firebolt 15T Motor: The blistering Firebolt 15T Motor provides quick acceleration with incredible top-end charges. Perfect for bashing with your buddies to racing at the local track.Full Ball Bearings: A complete set of rubber sealed are included for super smooth drivetrain operation.12mm Hex Hubs: SC Truck standard 12mm hex hubs are used throughout allowing you to customize your truck with a wide variety of aftermarket rims and tires!Captured Hinge Pins: No Eclips!! Who needs em? Captured hinge pins are the way to go, they offer a smoother suspension and dirt protection.Secure battery Mount: A simple flip of the rear battery mount will allow you to secure the Nimh/Lipo battery pack of your choice with an easy to use thunbscrew hold down strap. Battery changes are done in seconds and keeps you racing longer and wrenching less. Required PartsRadio Batteries: Eight AA size Battery: 6- or 7-cell Charger: AC/DC timed or peak for 6- or 7-cell battery w/Tamiya connector

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