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One of the main advantages of the Nitro MT 2 is its tough shaft drive layout. It is highly resistant to the rocks and stones that are present in any off-road driving environment. We've kept the same layout of the original Nitro MT and added stronger gears, larger dogbones and a slipper clutch for extra protection! A fiberglass disk brake slows down the truck while resisting brake fade. Everything rotates on sealed ball bearings for the best efficiency and low maintenance requirements. The 2.5mm thick purple anodized aluminum chassis provides a great foundation for the truck, and a new molded plastic gear guard protects the spur gear from rocks. It all adds up to increased durability, which means less time repairing and more time driving!Our customers are always asking for more power and more speed, and we're happy to give it to them! A brand new .15 size engine, the T-15, provides more mid-range power and top end speed! A tall cast aluminum heatsink head on the T-15 keeps it cool and running smoothly, and the 2-needle carb allows Nitro MT 2 owners to tune the engine precisely for their conditions. Finally, the included HPI Roto Start System lets the engine start up with push-button convenience! No more fumbling for a starter cord - just attach the glow plug igniter and Roto Start, hit the button and go! The T-15 breathes through a pre-oiled air filter and our aluminum header/composite tuned pipe combo - a great way to get tons of power to the ground!The Nitro MT is already the best-handling 4WD stadium truck available, so you'd think we would leave the suspension alone. Well, we couldn't just let that go without a careful look and an awesome redesign! The front end has been totally redesigned, from the shock tower to the arms and uprights. It all results in a more stable truck in the turns. The composite shock absorbers are longer both front and rear, and are designed for easier rebuilding while providing all the cushion a Nitro MT 2 racer could want. The front shocks now feature a stroke of 70-103mm and the rears have 77-117mm. Stronger plastic parts all around continue the philosophy of the Nitro MT 2: more durability, more driving time!The electronics package from the current RTR Nitro MT is carried over to the RTR Nitro MT 2 - our trusty TX-2 radio, receiver and servos keep the truck in control. The servos and receiver are mounted on a sturdy removable radio tray that allows easy cleaning and maintenance of the truck.We didn't ignore the style factor either - we provide a prepainted body with each Nitro MT 2! The flashy "Inferno" paint job in orange, red and black will get the attention at the track and in the hobby shop! Prepainted, cut out and with decals already applied, it just couldn't get any easier for customers of any skill level. The Nitro MT 2 rolls on our exclusive Yokohama Geolandar M/T tires, preglued onto chrome Split 5 wheels. They perform great and look awesome!Completely preassembled with quality radio gear, painted, preglued, trimmed and ready to roll, the RTR Nitro MT 2 is a great value for r/c hobbyists of any skill level! And the best news is that we were able to do the complete redesign and add major new features...all at a lower retail price!

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